Change Readiness Assessment
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Assessment of change readiness of your organization


This assessment will help you to understand your organizations readiness to achieve True Business Sustainability.

You will be asked to assess your organization on a set of dimensions found to be relevant for organizational success. In Part 1 questions are asked about the Status quo of your organization, this means how the current status of your organization is. In Part 2, questions are asked about the Target state, this means how you wish your organization to be.

The assessment will take about 20 minutes to complete. The results can be viewed directly after completing the survey. 

This survey was prepared based on information provided by the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument.

More information about privacy protection can be found here.

Part 1: Status quo assessment


Your task in the first part is to rate your organization as you see it in its current state. 

You will be presented with six different sets containing 4 statements in each set.

Your task is to divide 10 points between the 4 statements. The statements that relate most to your organization should receive higher number of points, and the statements that relate the least should receive less or no points. 

In order to move on, the total must equal 10 and all boxes must have a value (0-10). The calculator will help you SUM the 10 points.